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AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new, evolving open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimised webpages and content designed to load almost instantly. AMP was developed to provide an almost instantaneous reading experience for content that does not require all the heavy HTML, Javascript, CSS and other elements to display. On mobile devices, news content requires very little in the way of HTML or styling attributes, therefore the AMP initiative was launched to promote the seperation in the need for speed.

You’ll often find Accelerated Mobile Pages at the top of Google search results for news related searches / topical searches which will involve news or relevant posts.

  • What is the accelerated mobile pages project

    The accelerated mobile pages project is an open source initiative that has arisen as a result of discussions between content writers, publishers and techincal institutions looking to create a new mobile friendly platform for content delivery. Accelerated mobile pages combine technology with content to deliver high performance pages and almost instantaneous content. On modern devices with internet connections, the expectation is that content should load instantly without delay. Accelerated Mobile Pages allow this by limiting rendered HTML so that pages are a fraction of their full-size desktop equivalents.

  • What are the benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

    The main benefits of accelerated mobile pages are speed and a reduced bounce rate. Accelerated mobile pages are lighter and generally less busy making them far more readable and distraction free.

  • How do accelerated mobile pages work

    Accelerated mobile pages are similar to standard HTML pages however they omit a lot of the techincal functionality as part of the open source AMP spec. The coding standards for the AMP inititiave are much stricter in that a lot of standard scripting, CSS and dynamic code is not allowed as it defeats the object of what accelerated mobile pages are about. Accelerated pages take advantage of various technical and architectural approaches that focus on delivery speed to improve user experience.

  • Who will use Accelerated Mobile Pages

    To begin with, mostly news outlets and online publishers, however, all website owners with informative content are encouraged to adopt the open source AMP project to integrate high speed content with their existing website platform. AMP is already in use by major online news outlets and newspapers.

  • How can Assertive Media help with Accelerated Pages?

    Assertive Media offers an accelerated mobile page design and integration service. We’ll work with your business to produce lightweight accelerated pages that are connected to your website via a canonical reference. Our internal development team can help create accelerated mobile pages for news, blogs, videos, general media, questions, photography and more.

Our business requires accelerated mobile pages

If your business is looking for accelerated mobile pages then Assertive Media can help. We provide AMP pages for all CMS systems including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco, DotNetNuke and other pages. We work with the Google Amp Project to create AMP html for all websites. Our team can also assist with the integration procedure. We can provide an accelerated mobile pages demo.

A fully bespoke solution avoiding plugins

Our developers create AMP Pages from scratch, we do not advocate the use of plugins to create AMP pages as they frequently fail to validate or do not meet true AMP standards. There are a range of AMP WordPress plugins available, however many of them are not true plugins and could provide invalid pages which will not meet Google’s standards.

What are the benefits to my business?

There are many advantages to integrating AMP pages into your existing site:

  • Better visibility for mobile searches – Google is starting to rank Accelerated Mobile Pages highly for those who are searching on a mobile device. It’s fast becoming an important part of mobile SEO.
  • Fewer visitors giving up on your page – Instant loading means you don’t lose visitors.
  • Better conversion rates – Although AMP is still in its early days, the speed and reliability of these pages points to a potentially better conversion rate.
  • More page and ad views for your company.

How do we get started with Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Assertive Media can help integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages into your site that will increase your mobile audience. Existing content, including images and video, will be converted into the new AMP format, making your pages so much more accessible and easy to use.

If you’d like to find out more about Accelerated Mobile Pages and how they can increase the number of visitors to your site, simply give Assertive Media a call on 0845 299 7642. You can also fill in our online form and one of our team will get in touch.

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